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New Protection Packages

We’re pleased to share that Fetch now offers several new protection products that can be added to Fetch rentals.

These new protection products afford Fetch renters the opportunity to add extra protection to their rental, helping to avoid unexpected repair expenses or claims.

Protection products that are now available include:

Insurance Waiver – Don’t have insurance? Purchase this to waive Fetch’s insurance verification requirement for renters. This coverage includes Collision Damage Waiver and Renter’s Contingent Liability Insurance (coverage which acts in the place of a primary automobile policy for the renter of a vehicle who does not maintain a personal automobile policy).

Collision Damage Warranty – Protect your rental vehicle against damage caused to your vehicle during your rental.

Supplemental Liability Insurance – Excess liability insurance that protects you and any authorized driver, as defined in the Rental or Sharing Agreement, against third party automobile claims for bodily injury and property damage caused during permitted use of the Rental or Shared vehicle.

These products are now available at select Fetch locations, and we expect they will soon be available across all rental locations.

Purchasing these protection products is completely optional for each renter. For renters that do seek additional protection during their rental, we hope that they will provide additional confidence in renting with Fetch.

New Partner Tools Available – Weekly/Monthly Discounts, Additional Products and more!

We’ve been hard at works over the past month building new features to enhance the partner experience with Fetch. These new features provide partners with more flexibility to provide an even better rental experience and grow their earnings with Fetch.


Weekly and Monthly Discount Rates 


Have customers looking to rent your Fetch trucks on an extended basis?


Partners can now set weekly and monthly discount rates within pricing model for each vehicle class. These discounts allow partners to set percentage-based discounts for customers that rent for 7 days (weekly) or 28 days (monthly).


Implementing these discounts are an opportunity for you to increase revenue and utilization for your fleet. For example, offering a 15% weekly rental discount or 30% monthly discount can make your trucks more economical to long-term renters.


Please be sure to set your weekly and monthly discounts within your pricing models.




Additional Products


Enhance your customers’ rental experience by offering additional products during their booking process. This is ideal for optional products such as:


– Damage Waivers
– Cleaning Packages
– Pet Waiver
– Moving Supplies


Additional Products are now available under the “Pricing Models” menu in your partner dashboard.


Unlimited Miles

Moving a child to college? Picking up equipment out of state? For customers that need to drive extended miles, Fetch partners can now offer “Unlimited Miles” packages with their rentals.


When customers purchase an “unlimited miles” additional product, the customer will not be charged for any additional mileage driven in excess of the miles included in the pricing model for that truck.


The “unlimited miles” product is charged on a daily rate per rental.


How to add unlimited miles


1) Click on “Pricing” and then the “Additional Products” section in your Fetch partner dashboard.


2) Set the “Product Type” as “Unlimited Miles”



Fetch trucks are now available to rent in Cumming

We’re very pleased to share that Fetch trucks are now available in Cumming, Georgia!

We’re especially thankful to our partner, Extra Space Storage (NYSE: “EXR”), for partnering with us on this launch. Fetch trucks are now available to rent at the brand new Extra Space Storage location at 3055 Ronald Reagan Boulevard. This is a beautiful new Extra Space Storage location, and we’re delighted to make Fetch trucks available on-site at this location.

Additionally, Extra Space Storage customers will receive special discounts and incentives when renting a Fetch truck. (Just ask your Extra Space Storage manager for information on the Fetch rental promotion.)

With Fetch, you can rent a truck instantly for as little as one hour. Every truck includes free gas as well so that you don’t have to worry about hidden fill up fees!

Cumming is a major, fast-growing city in the metro-Atlanta area. We’re so excited to help individuals, families and businesses with any move, pickup or delivery you might have. We hope to see you soon!


So Many New Fetch Truck Rental Locations!

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve launched six(!) new pickup locations around Atlanta. These new locations allow us to be even closer to you and make your truck or cargo van rental experience even more convenient.

Fetch now offers pickup locations in:

These new locations are very convenient to popular, growing communities in Atlanta and allow us to be even closer to you. Whenever you need to rent a truck or van by the hour or day, we hope you’ll consider renting from Fetch at any of our locations.

Mastermind Your Launch

Last week, Fetch co-founder Adam Steinberg was interviewed by Stefanie Diaz about the history behind Fetch and our vision for the future for truck rental. As part of the Mastermind Your Launch series, Stefanie interviews entrepreneurs to learn how their companies were born, how they launched their products and how they’ve grown them.

We are delighted that Stefanie invited us to share the Fetch story, and we hope you’ll enjoy learning about the history behind Fetch our mission to make transportation effortless.

Listen to the interview on the Mastermind Your Launch website.

Announcing New Atlanta Truck Rental Locations

We’re very pleased to share that we’ve launched two new locations in the metro Atlanta area – both offering hourly and daily truck rentals. Our mission at Fetch is to make transportation effortless, and that means having trucks and vans available whenever – and wherever – you need them.

The first new Fetch truck rental location is 3700 Roswell Road in Marietta. This location is placed right on the border of East Cobb and Marietta, making it easily accessible via Interstate 75 and Highway 120.

Our second new truck rental location is 3783 Presidential Parkway in Atlanta. This location is just inside the 285 perimeter near Chamblee and Doraville. This is an incredibly exciting new location for Fetch, as it allows us to expand inside the perimeter and serve many new customers in that area.

Whenever you need to rent a truck or van by the hour or day, we hope you’ll consider renting from Fetch at any of our locations.

New Rental Hours and Locations

The dream of self-service is that products and services can be available 24/7, without requiring any assistance. We’re pleased to share that we’re continuing to move towards that goal by expanding our truck rental hours with Fetch.

Fetch trucks and vans are now available to rent anytime between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., 7 days a week.

Need to run an errand after work? Have an early-morning delivery? Want to return your vehicle after hours? It’s all possible with Fetch.

We’re also very pleased to share that we are continuing our expansion in Metro Atlanta with two new Fetch locations.

Dunwoody — 1105 Mount Vernon Highway, Atlanta, GA 30328,+Sandy+Springs,+GA+30328/@33.9306224,-84.4094642,12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x88f50eab497533a7:0x50ae5cc42a65fede!8m2!3d33.9306224!4d-84.3547418

Sandy Springs — 6780 Roswell Rd Sandy Springs, GA 30328,+Sandy+Springs,+GA+30328/@33.9419182,-84.4386344,12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x88f50c21ca0f850b:0xf6966d5ed4ede25c!8m2!3d33.9418114!4d-84.3748568

These new locations will allow us to serve customers in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and even surrounding areas such as North Buckhead, Roswell and East Cobb.

We have several other updates in the works that we can’t wait to share with you. Until then, happy Fetching!

Truck rental — the prices you’ll actually pay when renting a truck

National truck rental companies will advertise vehicles for “$20/day!” — but, there’s a catch: these companies make all their money after you reserve your vehicle. Before renting a truck, make sure to understand what costs to realistically expect to pay when renting.

1. Base Rental Costs

Rental costs for your truck can range from $20 per day to $100+ per day, depending on the size of your truck. With most national truck-rental companies, a daily rental will include 24-hours of use of the vehicle. You will not receive any miles (or unlimited miles) with your rental.

Other things to ensure:

Is your rental guaranteed? Often times, rental agencies will not guarantee reservations and will overbook their vehicles. That means you may arrive to pick up your vehicle, and it isn’t available.

Late return fees: what are the fees for returning the vehicle late? Is there a “grace period?” If you return the vehicle 30-minutes late, are you charged for an extra hour or a full day? Can you return your truck anytime or only during primary business hours?

2. Miles

This is where most rental companies start to collect their profit. A few rental companies will include some amount of base miles in their rentals, but most rental companies will charge you a fee per mile that you drive.

This fee typically ranges from $0.69 cents to $1.59 per mile. If you drive just 50 miles, you’ll pay anywhere from $35 to $80 extra for your vehicle usage.

Make sure you know exactly what your per-mile pricing is with your rental agreement, and calculate the miles you expect to drive into your total trip costs.

3. Gas

With most truck-rental companies, you’re required to pay for the gas you use and also fill up the gas tank to its original state. This can be costly, and annoying.

Even if you only drive 10 miles, you’ll still need to fill up the gas. Otherwise, you can face gas-fill-up penalties.

This is an additional cost you’ll need to factor into your rental costs. For example, at $2/gallon, you can expect to spend $8-$16 for an average truck rental. You may also need to spend a bit extra to ensure there’s no question you’ve filled up the gas tank to its original state.

4. Insurance

Most truck rental companies want to sell you insurance to cover your rental. This is typically 100% profit for them!

Should you buy rental insurance? You’ll want to call your insurance company to determine if your personal auto insurance will cover your truck rental. Often, personal insurance policies do not cover the use of commercial vehicles such as trucks and vans.

If you personal insurance policy doesn’t cover you, it’s a good idea to purchase the insurance from your rental company. Driving uninsured means that you could face out-of-pocket expenses for any damage you cause to your rental vehicle, or other drivers, during your trip.

For example, if you get in a wreck with another driver, and you’re at fault, you’ll be liable for:

– Repairing or replacing your rental vehicle

– Repairing or replacing the other driver’s vehicle

– Any personal damage caused to the driver, such as medical bills

It’s not difficult to imagine these costs adding up to tens of thousands of dollars. Without insurance, you’re responsible for paying all of these costs out of your own pocket.

5. Underage renting

Under 25 years of age? Most rental companies will charge you an additional cost for renting with them. Typically, this ranges from $10 — $30.

6. Moving supplies

Truck rental agencies want to sell you boxes and tape, whether you need them or not. Again, these upsells are essentially pure profit, and you’ll be asked if you need to purchase any supplies.

If you do need boxes, tape, gloves and other supplies, it’s recommended to purchase them before your rental at a normal hardware-supply store.

7. Cleaning fees

As a renter, you’re responsible for returning your truck rental in its original condition. If you’ve had any spills or debris collect in your truck, be sure to clean them before returning your vehicle.

If your vehicle isn’t returned in a clean state, cleaning fees can range from $30 to $100.

Lastly, be sure not to smoke in your truck rental. Smoking requires a vehicle to be detailed and cleaned extensively, which can result in hundreds of dollars in cleaning fees.

8. Additional costs

Many rental companies will tack on additional fees, such as “recovery costs” — that can add anywhere from a few dollars to $10 to your rental. While these costs may seem minimal, they can add up.

9. Cancellation fees

Does the truck rental company offer free cancellation for your reservation? If not, you’ll be liable for the full cost of


Your base rental fee is only the starting point for what you can expect to pay for a truck rental. After your rental, mileage, gas and insurance, expect to pay $60 — $150 for a 24-hour rental.

Be sure to understand the services that are included — and not included — with your truck rental. This will help you find not only the best price but also the most convenient option for renting a truck.

Want a truck-rental experience that is all-inclusive, without any up-sells? Fetch rentals include free miles, gas and insurance. Best of all, you can instantly check-in any time using our app and skip the lines.

The Moment When — Episode 04 with Rob Kischuk Now Available

I first met Rob in 2010 when we were exploring how social media and location-based services would change the ways brands interact with customers.

Rob went on to start a company around this theme, and the last half-decade has been an incredible journey for Rob. He’s dealt with all of the stages of being an entrepreneur: the highs of raising money from top-tier investors to the lows of realizing that your product vision isn’t working.

Rob shares how his perseverance has paid off, and his lessons learned, in our latest episode of The Moment When.

The Moment When — Episode 03 Now Available

I first met TJ Muehleman at ThePort Network. TJ was running the engineering team, and I immediately respected his ability to cross between the technical and business worlds.

Not long after I started PlacePunch, TJ launched his own startup, We&Co, with a mission for helping the service industry.

TJ was kind enough to share the We&Co story with me and talk about how after many years, their company evolved into Standard Code. It’s a really incredible story of how TJ and his co-founder persevered for years with no salaries, hung around long enough to find a problem they could solve, and turned it into a growing business.

You can listen to the full podcast below. Thanks TJ!

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