We believe that businesses exist to solve problems, and that breakthrough results come from creating solutions that solve a customer’s entire problem, not just a piece of it.

Our mission is to make transportation effortless. Whether it’s self-driving cars, on-demand cabs or truck rentals, transportation should be the means for getting you from A to B as quickly, and safely, as possible.

So, why is renting a car or truck such an awful, awful experience today?

Let’s break down the customer experience.

You search for a moving truck or cargo van to rent online. The rental website advertises $29.99 for an “all day” rate. Looks great! You book it.

On the day of your rental, you wake up early to drive 20 minutes to pick up your rental. After waiting in line for 15 minutes, you finally get to speak with someone. The attendant quickly tells you that it’s $29.99 for the day, plus $0.79 for each mile you drive.

Ouch. Your $30 rental just became a $75 rental.

Oh, and don’t forget to fill up the vehicle with gas, otherwise it’s a $15 fill-up fee plus $4 per gallon. And the 15-year-old truck you are renting gets 10 miles per gallon.

Now, you’re just getting started. Do you need any blankets, hand trucks, boxes, tape, or even a lucky rabbit foot? Every time you try to get a word out, it seems like the attendant is trying to sell you something else.

You’re a wrong turn away from financial bankruptcy

The most dangerous aspect of renting a truck is insurance.

If you’re involved in an accident, rental truck companies will actually hold you liable for the complete cost of replacing their trucks or vans. For example, if you decline to purchase their expensive auto insurance, and then accidentally cause major damage to the vehicle, you could owe tens of thousands of dollars to repair the cost of the vehicle. You’re one bad turn away from owing $30,000 for damage to your rental vehicle.

While your personal auto insurance will typically cover passenger rental cars, often times, personal insurance does not cover your use of vans or trucks. Rental companies will put customers in a 20-year-old truck, and say “have fun!” All while knowing how difficult these cars are to maneuver and that there’s a real chance significant damage occurs.

Think about it for a moment. You could lose your entire life savings because your rental company made insurance an optional purchase instead of including basic insurance in your rental.

Showing a low price for a vehicle, but charging for every small item such as miles and insurance, is a modern bait and switch scheme.

Advertise a low price for the vehicle, then charge the customer for everything else possible. Miles and gas are just the tip. Imagine thinking you were spending $50 for a van rental, but ending up owing tens thousands of dollars because you got in a wreck?

That’s the reality when renting from typical moving truck agencies.

Transportation should be effortless

We believe transportation is shifting to a service model that will make cars and trucks available on demand, whenever and wherever you need them.

· Rentals will be completed through your smartphone without having to wait in line.

· Instead of having to drive to a rental agency, vehicles will come to you.

· Essential items such as insurance, gas and miles will be included in one flat price.

We believe the way truck rentals work today is broken, and a better way should exist. To us, you’re a partner — not just a customer. We know that you have a job to do, and we’ll help you get it done quickly, fairly and conveniently. That’s why we created Fetch.