Renting a truck is one of the rites of passage for every adult. Whether you’re moving apartments, picking up equipment from the local hardware store, or opening a new office, chances are that you’ll need to rent a truck at some point.

(Fun fact: my past truck rentals include moving props for a musical performance, picking up a yard aerator, and, of course, frequent IKEA runs.)

But, why does the process have to be so stressful, confusing and painful?

• Why does the rental company tell me one price, but I end up paying 3x as much? 
• Why do I have to rent for the day, if I only need the truck for a few hours?
• Why do I have to wait in line?

The rental process is optimized for the business, not the customer.

In fact, most truck or van rental agencies strategically advertise a low rental price. Then, they engineer the rest of the customer experience to make you pay for everything from gas to insurance to packing tape.

Self service is the future. (And, so is Fetch.)

Fetch is now available, and it changes the way you rent a truck. With Fetch, we optimize our experience for you, the customer.

• Instead of getting nickel and dimed, we charge one flat hourly rate that includes miles, gas and insurance.
• Instead of waiting in line, we’ll deliver your Fetch truck to you.
• Instead of paying for a whole day, rent by the hour.

You won’t need to use Fetch every day, but when you do, it’ll be effortless.

Our job is help you get your job done as fast as possible.

Why vans?

At Fetch, we’re starting with making cargo vans available to rent by the hour. Why cargo vans?

• More cargo area than a truck
• Safely enclosed
• Drives like a car

Starting at $15 an hour, you can rent a cargo van that includes 100 miles, prepaid gas and insurance. Need the van for the entire day? It’s just $75.

Don’t want to worry about picking up the vehicle? No problem. We’ll even deliver your Fetch van to you and pick it up when you’re done.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

In the future, cars won’t be something we own. They’ll be a service; on-demand and delivered to you.

Our mission at Fetch is to make transportation effortless. Today, we’re moving closer to that future. Soon, we’ll be launching more innovations to bring Fetch closer to you, making it even easier to rent a Fetch van and get your job done.

Having rented trucks and vans numerous time for our personal use, Fetch is the service that we’ve always wished existed.

We hope that when you need to rent a truck, you’ll give Fetch a shot.

We promise we won’t try to sell you packing tape.