So Many New Fetch Truck Rental Locations!

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve launched six(!) new pickup locations around Atlanta. These new locations allow us to be even closer to you and make your truck or cargo van rental experience even more convenient.

Fetch now offers pickup locations in:

These new locations are very convenient to popular, growing communities in Atlanta and allow us to be even closer to you. Whenever you need to rent a truck or van by the hour or day, we hope you’ll consider renting from Fetch at any of our locations.

Extra Space Storage and Fetch launch partnership

At Fetch, our mission is to make transportation effortless. We’re thrilled to share that we’ve launched a new partnership with Extra Space Storage (NYSE: “EXR”) to make your storage move-in effortless.

With this partnership, Fetch trucks are now available to rent on-demand at select Extra Space Storage locations in metro Atlanta. Extra Space Storage customers will also receive exclusive promotions and discounts when renting a truck or van with Fetch.

Additionally, Fetch customers will receive an exclusive promotion through Extra Space that allows them to enjoy their First Month Free and a complimentary lock.

Moving is a time of transition and great stress. By partnering with Extra Space Storage, our goal is to help your storage move-in be seamless and hassle-free.

“Extra Space Storage is always looking for new ways to make life transitions easier for our customers,” says Divisional Vice President, Chuck Machenheimer. “Anytime we can bring customers closer to another service they need in the process, we count that as a success.  Our partnership with Fetch does just that and we are excited about this partnership.”

By making Fetch trucks available at Extra Space Storage locations, customers can quickly locate and rent trucks by the hour or day using the Fetch website. Fetch trucks are conveniently parked at Extra Space Storage facilities, eliminating the need to travel to a different location to pick up a truck.

Customers may also pickup and return the vehicles anytime, 24/7, and every Fetch truck includes free miles, gas and insurance to simplify your rental experience.

We’re so delighted and thankful for the Extra Space Storage team’s trust in building this partnership. Extra Space is a leader in leveraging new technology to simplify the move-in process for their customers. We’re thrilled to assist in simplifying transportation for their customers.


Mastermind Your Launch

Last week, Fetch co-founder Adam Steinberg was interviewed by Stefanie Diaz about the history behind Fetch and our vision for the future for truck rental. As part of the Mastermind Your Launch series, Stefanie interviews entrepreneurs to learn how their companies were born, how they launched their products and how they’ve grown them.

We are delighted that Stefanie invited us to share the Fetch story, and we hope you’ll enjoy learning about the history behind Fetch our mission to make transportation effortless.

Listen to the interview on the Mastermind Your Launch website.

Fetch and PREP partner to provide on-demand truck rental for upcoming culinary startups

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve launched a new partnership with PREP Atlanta. Now, PREP Atlanta members have 24/7 access to Fetch hourly and daily truck rentals onsite at PREP.

Through our work with growing culinary startups such as Sifted, we’ve gotten to know the PREP team and seen the amazing work they’re doing in helping culinary startups to quickly launch their products. PREP helps these companies by providing all of the infrastructure they need to launch and grow. No worrying about equipment or licenses – PREP handles everything.

For many food startups, one of the key ingredients to their infrastructure is transportation. It’s too costly, and it simply takes too much time, to purchase a company truck or van. And, a personal vehicle doesn’t provide the cargo space required for large deliveries.

By having Fetch vehicles available onsite at PREP, members can now access our cargo vans 24/7, renting them for as little as an hour at a time. Because there’s no physical office that needs to be open to rent a Fetch truck (your phone unlocks the truck!), Fetch fits perfectly within the chaotic, off-hours schedule of a culinary entrepreneur.

We’re delighted that the PREP team has partnered with Fetch, and we’re even happier to assist the incredible companies at PREP in continuing their growth.

You can view details about our new location at PREP and also rent a truck by the hour or day anytime through the Fetch website.





How we handle truck rental reservations at Fetch

How does Fetch handle reservations and vehicle availability? Scheduling and availability planning isn’t an easy problem. It’s rife with trade-offs and without a perfect solution. How do we guarantee availability while also providing flexibility if your plans change?

When renting a truck or cargo, there are currently two options that vendors offer for procuring your vehicle:

1. Reserve a vehicle for an entire day, without a guarantee.

With this approach, renters are required to rent a vehicle for an entire day. Most truck and van rental companies also will not guarantee availability of specific vehicles. Just like airlines, truck rental companies will typically overbook vehicles. This leaves you hoping that your desired truck or van will be still be available when arriving for pick up.

The advantage of reservations is that they do typically provide some amount of confidence that your vehicle will be available for you. However, requiring the one-day minimum-rental period isn’t efficient for customers with jobs only requiring a one or two-hour rental.

2. Rent a vehicle by the hour, on a first-come first-serve basis.

In this model, trucks or vans are only available on a walk-in basis; truck availability is never guaranteed and reservations are not allowed. Renters may arrive to find that all vehicles are currently rented and without any sense of when the vehicles will again be available.

The advantage of this model is that once a vehicle is rented, paying by the hour means you can keep the vehicle out as long as your job requires, without fear of a late-return fee.

What if a hybrid model existed?

With both of the above models, there are very clear advantages and disadvantages. At Fetch, our primary concerns for customers are:

  1. Guaranteeing availability
  2. Not overbooking trucks or reservations
  3. Providing hourly and daily rental options
  4. Providing flexibility to change or extend rentals as needed

We’ve tested and refined our reservation process. We think it provides the right balance between security and flexibility. Here’s how it works:

  1. Reserve a truck for pickup. Modify, reschedule or cancel your reservation up to 24 hours prior to your start time without penalty.
  2. If your plans change at the last minute and you need to cancel, you’ll receive a credit to redeem for a future rental. (Since we don’t overbook rentals, renters are responsible for reservations within 24 hours of the start time.)
  3. After picking up your truck, if you need to extend your rental, you’ll be able to do so as long as your truck or van has not been reserved by another renter. If your truck rental is ineligible for extension, and it isn’t returned on time, there’s a $30 late-return fee. (We charge this late-return fee for a few reasons. First, we typically provide the renter that cannot pick up their vehicle on time a discount to help offset their inconvenience. Secondly, the late-return fee incentivizes on-time returns.)

While this system  isn’t perfect, it covers the key tenets we want to provide customers:

  • Predictability in knowing your truck will be available when you reserved it
  • Flexibility to modify your reservation at no cost (up to 24 hours prior)
  • Options for extending your rental time
  • Hourly and daily rental pricing

We continue to try to improve our reservation model, and we welcome feedback from customers and partners.



Space Shop Self Storage and Fetch launch partnership to offer on-demand truck rental

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve launched a new partnership with Space Shop Self Storage in Atlanta. Now, Space Shop and Fetch customers can access Fetch trucks for rent instantly at select Space Shop locations.

Space Shop Self Storage customers also receive exclusive discounts and promotions when renting a vehicle with Fetch. (Just ask your Space Shop store manager for your discount code.)

Our mission at Fetch is to make transportation effortless. By making Fetch trucks and vans available to rent instantly at Space Shop Self Storage locations, Space Shop customers have instant access to cargo vans and trucks to facilitate their self-storage move in. No more having to call around to locate a truck, drive to a pick-up location miles away, or worrying about if a rental location will even be open. With Fetch and Space Shop, a variety of trucks and cargo vans are available to rent on-demand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We’re incredibly appreciative of the support the team at Space Shop has provided us, and we’re thrilled to make your move even easier through this partnership.




Announcing New Atlanta Truck Rental Locations

We’re very pleased to share that we’ve launched two new locations in the metro Atlanta area – both offering hourly and daily truck rentals. Our mission at Fetch is to make transportation effortless, and that means having trucks and vans available whenever – and wherever – you need them.

The first new Fetch truck rental location is 3700 Roswell Road in Marietta. This location is placed right on the border of East Cobb and Marietta, making it easily accessible via Interstate 75 and Highway 120.

Our second new truck rental location is 3783 Presidential Parkway in Atlanta. This location is just inside the 285 perimeter near Chamblee and Doraville. This is an incredibly exciting new location for Fetch, as it allows us to expand inside the perimeter and serve many new customers in that area.

Whenever you need to rent a truck or van by the hour or day, we hope you’ll consider renting from Fetch at any of our locations.

Should you rent a cargo van or pickup truck?

When renting a truck or van, which type of vehicle should you select for your move? Should you rent a pickup truck? Or, would a cargo van rental be a better option for you?

Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are ideal vehicles when you are transporting equipment or supplies. Most commercial pickup trucks feature 8-foot beds with single cabs that provide generous room for hauling equipment in the back of your vehicle.

The major advantage of a pickup truck is that it can haul items such as rocks, pine needles and other landscaping supplies that are not well-suited for a van. Because pickup truck beds are open-air, they clean easily after an outdoor job.

The downside? Any items, such as furniture, that you want protected, will be exposed to the outside elements when traveling in a pickup truck. You will also need to stabilize large items by securing them with rope or bungee cords. Because of this, pickup trucks are often not the best choice when moving furniture or other valuable items over long distances.

One other advantage of pickup trucks is their drivability. Pickup trucks usually hold 3 passengers, are short enough to fit into most parking garages, and are easy enough for just about anyone to drive.

Cargo Vans

Cargo vans are an ideal vehicle to rent when you need to protect the items you are transporting. Cargo vans offer generous indoor storage, enabling you to move furniture and equipment without exposing these items to the outside elements when moving. Because your items are stored inside, cargo vans will not “whip” in the wind like a pickup truck might.

Cargo vans enable you to stack your items, and also reduce the need to “tie down” items like you might with a pickup truck.

The downside to cargo vans is that they are larger and taller. Because of their size, cargo vans may not fit within the clearance limits of all parking garages. Additionally, for drivers that have not driven larger vehicles, the size of a cargo van can be intimidating at first.

The Final Verdit

Which vehicle is the right choice for your rental? It boils down to a few factors.

A pickup truck is the best rental option if you:

  • Need to haul landscaping or outdoor equipment
  • Have height clearance limitations, such as with a parking garage

A cargo van is the ideal vehicle to rent if you:

  • Are moving valuable items such as furniture
  • Need additional storage capacity beyond a pickup truck

Fetch offers a variety of trucks and vans for rent. We’d love to assist you with your next move or transportation job.


The History of the Truck Rental Industry

The truck rental industry is an expansive, continually evolving industry that impacts every market in the United States. Today, the truck rental industry is a $19 billion industry, supporting tends of thousands of businesses and jobs. But, how did the industry start? How did companies like Uhaul and Ryder begin?

To understand the history of truck rental, we first have to understand the history of the car-rental industry. The first documented car rental took place on July 22, 1904. (More than a hundred years ago!) According to records, a bicycle shop in Minneapolis was the first business to advertise cars being available for rent.

The car-rental industry really began to take off in 1916. That’s when Joe Saunders began his rental business with a single car – a Model T. The business grew quickly. By 1917, Saunders had formed Saunders Systems with family members and had 120 Model T vehicles available for rent.

When did the truck-rental industry really start to take shape? That’s in in 1933 when Ryder was founded by Jim Ryder with a single truck. By 1937, the company had expanded to 15 trucks, and in 1949, Ryder had 500 trucks available for rent.

Around that same time, in 1945, Sam Shoen and Anna Mary Carty Shoen founded Uhaul. Except, Uhaul was originally started with trailers – not trucks. The Shoens started Uhaul to solve the problem of how to rent a trailer in one city and drop it off in another city. As families were returning from overseas and moving around the United States, Uhaul’s business grew quickly. By 1959, Uhaul had more than 42,000 trailers available for rent!

Penske truck was started in 1969 with three locations in Pennsylvania and quickly grew to 33 locations by 1981. By 1986, there were 102 locations generating $200 million in revenue. Today, Penske operates more than 240,000 vehicles in its fleet and has revenues of $6.4 billion.

What’s the future of the truck-rental industry? Companies like Uhaul, Ryder and Penske will continue to evolve and offer additional services. New startups such as Fetch truck rental are entering the market, using new technology to offer self-service ways for customers to rent trucks by the hour or day. In addition to self-service technology, developments in self-driving technology, artificial intelligence and electric-powered vehicles will continue to shape the industry.

The past 100 years has been an incredible time as the truck rental industry was born and shaped by many pioneers. The next 100 years should be just as exciting as technology continues to change how we use and interact with cars and trucks.


New Rental Hours and Locations

The dream of self-service is that products and services can be available 24/7, without requiring any assistance. We’re pleased to share that we’re continuing to move towards that goal by expanding our truck rental hours with Fetch.

Fetch trucks and vans are now available to rent anytime between 6 a.m. and 8 p.m., 7 days a week.

Need to run an errand after work? Have an early-morning delivery? Want to return your vehicle after hours? It’s all possible with Fetch.

We’re also very pleased to share that we are continuing our expansion in Metro Atlanta with two new Fetch locations.

Dunwoody — 1105 Mount Vernon Highway, Atlanta, GA 30328,+Sandy+Springs,+GA+30328/@33.9306224,-84.4094642,12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x88f50eab497533a7:0x50ae5cc42a65fede!8m2!3d33.9306224!4d-84.3547418

Sandy Springs — 6780 Roswell Rd Sandy Springs, GA 30328,+Sandy+Springs,+GA+30328/@33.9419182,-84.4386344,12z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x88f50c21ca0f850b:0xf6966d5ed4ede25c!8m2!3d33.9418114!4d-84.3748568

These new locations will allow us to serve customers in Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, and even surrounding areas such as North Buckhead, Roswell and East Cobb.

We have several other updates in the works that we can’t wait to share with you. Until then, happy Fetching!

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